The Sakthi family owns and operates businesses across 14 countries and 15 business segments –
Including sugar, power, industrial alcohol, auto components, transport, finance, soya products, dairy products, textiles, effluent treatment plant and plantations.The Anamallais Bus Transport Private Limited (ABT), the flagship of Sakthi, was founded in 1931 by Mr. Nachimuthu Gounder.

In 1946, the founder’s son, Dr. N Mahalingam joined the company and began diversifying the business, he is now chairman of the Sakthi Automotive Group. By 1983, the Group had grown significantly and Dr N Mahalingam’s first son, Manickam Mahalingam, also joined the ranks at Sakthi .

Sakthi Global Auto Holdings (“SGAH” or “Sakthi Automotive Group”) is a private limited company registered in the UK which holds operational subsidiaries that operate in the automotive supply industry all over the world.
SGAH was established in June 2017 to consolidated all group companies that operate within the automotive segment . SGAH and its subsidiaries operate aluminum and iron foundries that produce high-quality components for automobiles, known in the industry as safety critical components.
The company offers fully-integrated vertical operations, engaging with customers from the initial design phase of car parts, through prototyping, testing and production.
SGAH is part of the Sakthi Group, a family-owned company founded in India that operates within multiple industries like sugar, soy, finance, IT, education and auto, to mention a few.
The company benefits from high barriers to entry, low contract churn and a recurring revenue model with investment grade customers.

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