Safety Critical Components

Cars consist of complex subsystems that work together to provide efficient and reliable transportation; different parts have different functions, and the global automotive component market is highly specialized

Individual parts are manufactured with precision and advanced technologies before being put together at an Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”), better know under brand names like GM, Ford or Daimler

Primarily related to functions like steering and braking, safety critical components ensures that the car functions properly and can be operated safely

Safety critical parts require 100% quality testing, established technical procedures, qualified engineers and specialized equipment, with lead times as long as three to four years

Because of the significant R&D and safety testing when a new car model is launched and high requirements for operational track record, OEMs very seldom change suppliers of safety critical components

Globally, there are only a hand-full of producers that are capable of providing safety critical components

Typical parts include steering knuckles, suspension brackets and control arms, break disks and calipers, and differential housing

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